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Red Wall & Stairs


Racial Justice / Women's Reproductive Rights

In 2021, we will once again be focusing our attention on supporting organizations that offer solutions through legal action, community organizing, advocacy, education and democratic empowerment as well as those that provide direct relief in our efforts to become an ally to those fighting against or suffering from racial injustice. In addition, concerned over legal actions restricting access to abortion that disproportionately impact people who already face discriminatory obstacles when accessing health care - particularly Black, Indigenous, and people of color and those living on low incomes - we have directed additional funds to support women's reproductive rights. 

Red Wall & Stairs


Racial Justice

The Kansha Foundation undertook a Racial Justice Initiative in 2020 to support and enable organizations working to acknowledge, remediate and move forward against the racial inequities entrenched in American institutions. Read our initiative statement and the organizations we chose to support. 

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